Visual Travel: Saint Petersburg

I am back for travelling and excited to be back here sharing it with you wonderful people. I just got back from Saint Petersburg and I absolutely loved this city! It was such a wonderful place rich in culture and history, full of beautiful architecture and views in every direction I looked. I was surprised … Continue reading Visual Travel: Saint Petersburg

Zodiac Signs

"Creative, emotional, sensitive and compassionate." I am a pieces. Ever since I was little I would look at the back of my mum's magazines and check my horoscope: and without fail each time I couldn't help but think it was ridiculous. I don't mean to offed anyone that actually believes in astrology, maybe I'm just … Continue reading Zodiac Signs

A Selection of Quotes

On this dreary Tuesday afternoon I thought I would bring some light and well spoken words into your day. Everyone seems to have certain quotes or phrases that stick. Here are some quotes that really made me think for a second. I hope you enjoy and have a lovely day!