Zodiac Signs

“Creative, emotional, sensitive and compassionate.” I am a pieces. Ever since I was little I would look at the back of my mum’s magazines and check my horoscope: and without fail each time I couldn’t help but think it was ridiculous. I don’t mean to offed anyone that actually believes in astrology, maybe I’m just too ignorant to understand it? But truly if you think about it. There are millions of people born in a certain spectrum of time: like me for example February 19- March 20. It’s not possible that these characteristics match everyone. Nor that 10 sentences in the back of magazines can predict your week, month or even year. You cannot simply group and identify someone by only relying on their date of birth.

However humans have been using astrology for thousands of years, by observing the planets and stars people have come to certain realisations about the world. Many people find value in knowing that their zodiac signs are guiding them to discovering what is already embedded in them. I respect that journey, you do you! But If you find comfort in that, then at least find a more ‘reliable’ source. Don’t allow it to be a clueless reporter sitting in the writing room making up false fantasies about your life.

(So Aries: are you impulsive, optimistic and courageous? Taurus: Are you possessive, patient and loyal? Gemini: are you energetic, superficial and witty? Cancer: are you adaptable, oversensitive and caring? Leo: are you pretentious, ambitious and confident? Virgo: are you fussy,helpful and observant? Libra: are you Peaceful,superficial and hospitable? Scorpio: are you passionate, jealous and ย dynamic? Sagittarius: are you independent, unemotional and inquisitive? Capricorn: are you responsible, unimaginable and loyal? Aquarius: are you original, stubborn and inventive? Pieces: are you creative, sensitive and compassionate? )

I am very interested on hearing your opinions on zodiac signs and horoscopes. Everyone has their own perspectives and opinions which we should all share! Do you believe in your horoscope or you are more on the skeptic side? Let me know in the comments, I really want to hear what you have to say! Lets chat lovelies. Have a wonderful day!

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20 thoughts on “Zodiac Signs

  1. Shubham Paul says:

    I really liked this. We are different. We have different missions to accomplish. We can’t just rely on these sort of things. It’s no harm to do that but if you don’t work and don’t make someone else’s life better, it would be the ultimate disaster.

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    • chiarascorners says:

      Yes that’s true! But If you think about it all these descriptions can be applicable to everyone, so when someone reads that they are supposed to be “sensitive” they convince themselves that they are. Or maybe it’s coincidence? Or maybe it’s fate?


  2. amixedbag says:

    I don’t take it seriously, it’s just fun reading some of the descriptions and predictions based on astrology. But sometimes it can seem pretty accurate, like an article I read which predicted what kind of parent we are based on our horoscope – my description was almost spot on!

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  3. Jolene says:

    Hi Chiara, I could never bring myself to read the horoscopes because they are all motherhood statements that appear to apply to everyone!! “Today you will have a fateful encounter with someone special” – well, is that “someone” my mum, my best friend, or a stalker out there?! Hmm they all seem pretty “special”… But I do believe in the characteristics that can be more aligned with a certain star sign. I’m a Gemini, and I would definitely like to think of myself as energetic and witty (NOT superficial thanks). I also possess other Gemini traits of being adaptable and able to see both sides. Would I bet my life on star signs? Probably not. Would I consider it from time to time? Perhaps (when it suits me)! ๐Ÿ™‚


    • chiarascorners says:

      Yes that’s so true, the statements can be adaptable to everyone… I actually align well with my characteristics however maybe that could also be general because everyone can be sensitive/ witty/ creative at times! You defiantly don’t seem superficial lovely hahah! Great hearing your ideas!!! Xxx ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • arguscreativeeyed says:

      Jolene I am a Gemini too, I study astrology and it came very true to me time after time , it came as a fate and never left me. Some basic traits are there that will be with you always …
      Making yourself a better person with the help of characteristics of a sunsign and modifying yourself to survive is best option ..
      Geminis are really very talkative I used to talk Alotttt but as soon as I realised that it might annoy someone I stopped it and talked whoever likes to listen to me….. But when reality encountered I realised less talk is .More. Saving energy. So either way I learnt something …

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  4. Riheyn says:

    I am a Cancer and I think I possess a lot of qualities they say a Cancerian should have. Also I have a Taurus friend and even she’s a typical Taurus (whatever that means lol). But you know, my mother is a Libra and my father is a Virgo. And according to science, we take on certain characteristics from our parents. Does that mean I am a mixture of a Virgo and a Libra ? Oh it’s so confusing. And the internet has exploited the horoscopes to a certain extent. In some of the sites, they cite very common qualities which everyone may show or possess at some point or the other. But whatsoever, these are fun (and confusing)!

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    • chiarascorners says:

      Wow that sounds very accurate! But if we say that our characteristic are passed on from our parents, then how would that work with the month you are born in? I totally agree with you the internet and magazines have totally taken advantage of it! X

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      • Riheyn says:

        Yeah that’s what’s so confusing. They say qualities are passed on, and again they say one’s qualities are unique to the month they are born. But whatsoever they are good for pastimes.

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