Visual Travel: Saint Petersburg

I am back for travelling and excited to be back here sharing it with you wonderful people. I just got back from Saint Petersburg and I absolutely loved this city! It was such a wonderful place rich in culture and history, full of beautiful architecture and views in every direction I looked. I was surprised to find it full with such a ‘European feel’ as I was expecting it to be more ‘Soviet’, however, The Venetian, Parisian and European influence was very apparent.  Visiting the Hermitage was a definite highlight for a museum geek like myself. It was such an incredible experience because not only is the art there beautiful but the building itself is very impressive, your eyes cant help but wonder from the paintings to the rest of the rooms and walls, decorated impeccably!

Here are some photographs I took along the way!











I hope you enjoyed taking a peak into my trip to St. Petersburg, you should defiantly visit it ASAP! Glad to be back to do more blogging, can’t wait to share some exiting posts with you very soon. Thank you for reading, have a wonderful rest of your day!

8 thoughts on “Visual Travel: Saint Petersburg

  1. travelingtou says:

    Wow, those are beautiful pictures. It kind of reminds me of some of the pictures I took in Spain. I just wish I was a better photographer. Great pics, thanks for sharing.

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