In-Flight Travel Essentials

Following last weeks post on: Things to do When you are Bored on an Airplane I thought I could also share some of the in-flight travel essentials that you should all have when flying!

I am not a massive fan of flying, but come on who is? I get quite nervous and jittery before flights, I always feel like I will forget something home and struggle without it when I’m away. In order to avoid that I continuously plan, I make list on list on lists, right up until I get on the plane!

When flying my goal is to feel as much as ease as I possibly can! Even though I can’t bring my living room with my cosy blankets and soft throw pillows with me I try and make sure that I have a safe and pleasant flight! Everything ends up being ok as long as I bring the following essentials with me! I hope they can make you feel more calm, relaxed and happy on board too!

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Lets Break These 15 In-Flight Essentials Down

⇒ Hairbrush: I don’t know about you, but when I am on a flight my hair tends to get extremely knotty and messy! Its always great to have a handy hairbrush on the plane with you!

⇒ Sunglasses: It is so important to always protect your eyes no matter where you are heading! I always like to have my ray bans on hand! They are also great if you aren’t very rested and want to cover your eyes a little.

⇒ Earphones: A no brainer! I absolutely cannot go on a plane without my music and these  ear phones, its just such a great way to pass the time and get rid of the annoying background noise of the plane. Its also helpful because the earphones that they give on the plane are never of great quality! 

⇒ Cosy socks: I like having some socks to wear on the plane, also these have cats on them so thats a bonus!

⇒ Neck pillow: This is a great way to sleep on a plane and insure that your neck will be supported. If you have never used a neck pillow like this one I would recommend it!

⇒ Antibacterial gel:  Airplanes are a sanctuary for germs, I personally like to have gel or hand sanitaizer so I can wipe the tray table  and my hands before I eat. Also great to have for any messes you make while eating in such a tiny space!

⇒ Lip balm: My lips get so dry while flying, I love this Burt’s Bees lip balm. It actually keeps my lips moisturised through the flight!

⇒ Deodorant: Again, it is useful to freshen up a bit before getting off the plane and since you cant take a shower on the plane it is a great alternative to bring some deodorant with you.

⇒ Perfume : I like to bring a roll on prefume by Chloé with me, but always make sure you also follow the liquid requirements when packing perfume,it will be horrible if the security end up throwing aways your expensive bottle of perfume!  This travel size one is perfect for on the go!

⇒ Facial wipes: It is just so refreshing! On flights you can’t go through your entire skin care routine, therefore these facial wipes will help to keep your face clean and healthy!

⇒ Moisturiser: As I previously mentioned, planes dry out your skin like crazy! I like to bring this Elizabeth Arden cream with me because it is so effective at keeping my skin hydrated for long periods of time!

⇒ Face mask: This goes hand in hand with the moisturiser. Don’t worry if people are looking at you funny enjoy this face mask! I personally find that this Origins one works the best but bringing a sheet mask may be easier so you don’t need to wash it off in the bathroom.

⇒ Cosy jumper: You should always take this with you! It is the one thing I cannot be on board without. A cozy jumper like this one will make your flight 10 times more comfortable and enjoyable!

⇒ Notebook: If you want to journal about your trip, work or draw etc a cute notebook like this one is a must!

⇒ Bonus: Don’t forget all you necessities: phone + charger, computer+ charger, gum, money and more.

I wish any of you travelling soon happy and safe journeys! Have a great rest of the week and thank you all so much for reading! x



5 thoughts on “In-Flight Travel Essentials

  1. Jolene says:

    Hey you are my favourite list-master! This is awesome and it just covers all the classics. Travelling is hard work! There’s so much prep work that just goes unacknowledged and I’m glad you have simplified it for us 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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