In-Flight Travel Essentials

Following last weeks post on: Things to do When you are Bored on an Airplane I thought I could also share some of the in-flight travel essentials that you should all have when flying! I am not a massive fan of flying, but come on who is? I get quite nervous and jittery before flights, … Continue reading In-Flight Travel Essentials

20 Things To Do On An Airplane If You Are Bored

Travelling is an amazing experience. By travelling I mean actually being in your location and getting to experience a completely new culture: taste new food, go site seeing, and making friends all over the world. By travelling I never ever mean the actual act of flying. It can be difficult to kill time when you … Continue reading 20 Things To Do On An Airplane If You Are Bored

Zodiac Signs

"Creative, emotional, sensitive and compassionate." I am a pieces. Ever since I was little I would look at the back of my mum's magazines and check my horoscope: and without fail each time I couldn't help but think it was ridiculous. I don't mean to offed anyone that actually believes in astrology, maybe I'm just … Continue reading Zodiac Signs