Visual Travel: Iceland

My trip to Iceland opened my eyes to the beauty that is in the world and that we all take for granted. This place is an absolute diamond in the rough: One of the things that stuck me was all the empty land that they allowed to be empty, never overworking the land or constantly building, they just let it be! The Icelandic people are appreciative of what the land gives them and they always treat nature with respect which is very admirable in todays world. I was in such a calm and peaceful state of mind during my trip that I never looked forward to leaving it. This island of ice and fire still leaves me in awe and will always be in my heart! ( I was also fortunate enough to experience the Northern lights!!! Most magical experience of my life).

Here are some photographs I took along the way!


I hope you enjoyed looking through and getting a taste of Iceland. I am still overwhelmed by its beauty, weeks after my trip. Please let me know if you have ever been to Iceland or if you are panning to go in the future or where you are planning to travel soon! Have a wonderful rest of your day xx

18 thoughts on “Visual Travel: Iceland

    • chiarascorners says:

      Yes it was a crazy experience, totally unexpected: everyone rushed out of the hotel in the pjs and without shoe on– and everyone froze! I couldn’t feel my feet afterwards but it was totally worth it!!! haha! Xx

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  1. Mackenzie says:

    I am OVERWHELMED by this beauty. I feel like recently Iceland has become a super hot destination spot and I’m dyinggg to plan a trip there as soon as I have the chance. Wow- this post just ignited that desire to get the ball rolling even more! Thank you for sharing!!

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    • chiarascorners says:

      It was such a great experience! I loved every moment of Iceland and you will too. I can’t recommend it enough, truly an amazing place!!! You defiantly need to plan a trip there soon! Thanks for reading lovely xx

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