20 Things To Do On An Airplane If You Are Bored

Travelling is an amazing experience. By travelling I mean actually being in your location and getting to experience a completely new culture: taste new food, go site seeing, and making friends all over the world. By travelling I never ever mean the actual act of flying. It can be difficult to kill time when you are in such a tight space for consecutive hours, but don’t panic I got you covered! Here are 20 things you can do if you are bored on an airplane! Save travels lovelies! x

  1. Download some games: depending if you have WI-FI on the plan or not remember to download some silly phone games ahead of time. If you are ever extremely board these are useful to have on hand.
  2. Listen to some music:  become immersed in your music, this will make time fly! Trust me! Also if you have always wanted to listen to a new album all the way through, now is the perfect time.
  3. Get some work done: if you need to get some work done do it on the plane, so when you get to your destination you can fully enjoy it without having to think about work.
  4. Socialize: yes! You can talk to people around you! It will be fine, you can do it! ( Just don’t become that annoying seat neighbour that doesn’t shut up for 8 hours straight!)
  5. Take a walk: it isn’t healthy to stay seated through your whole fight, go stretch your legs and take a look around!
  6. Make up life stories: this may sound weird but it can be a lot of fun to think about what everyone’s life story is on your plane. All these people around, endless possibilities.
  7. Look at the clouds: you are in the sky, why not take advantage of it and see where your imagination takes you.
  8. Bring a book: now you won’t be able to say that you don’t have enough time to read, take a book/kindle on your flight!
  9. Start/ watch a new series: you can download some before your flight and keep yourself entertained the whole way through.
  10. Watch a movie: you can either download your own or watch the ones available on the fight.
  11. Write letters and cards: sending people letters/cards is such a thoughtful idea, it means so much more than any text/email could.
  12. Journal your trip: write down your expectations and feelings before your trip, so at the end you can look back on it and you will always have it to treasure.
  13. Draw/color: take your sketch books or those adult coloring books you have always wanted to try and get creative.
  14. Make lists: I guarantee that there is something in your life you are struggling with or planning. Make a list of things you need/ a pros and cons list.
  15. Try to meditate: sit back, relax and be mindful.
  16. Give yourself a pamper session: your skin can get so dry in the airplanes air so crack out that sheet mask and don’t be afraid of what others may think!
  17. Plan your next trip: yes this may seem silly but… why not?
  18. Play cards/game: if you have a friend with you it can be fun to play cards or a board game with them.
  19. Take artsy airplane pics: this is the time for you Insta feed to prosper, go for it!
  20. Sleep: if all else fails, catch up on some needed rest.

As always thanks so much for reading! Have a great rest of your week! xx



14 thoughts on “20 Things To Do On An Airplane If You Are Bored

  1. Jolene says:

    Great list as always Chiara! For me, 2) 8) 10) & 12) are the usual suspects, and my pet hate would be 4)!!! Seriously, especially someone who goes on and on and on about themselves (I might make an exception for hotties, but even that is a MIGHT). That’s why an aisle seat is so important, I’d be dashing for the lavatory every so often.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Always a Foreigner says:

    Hey! Stumbled across your blog and loved this post! I love the idea of writing letters and cards. I always mean to send people postcards but then never have time in the hustle and bustle of traveling. I personally love watching movies and shows on airplanes. And sleeping of course.

    Liked by 1 person

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