50 ‘Little Things’ That Make Life Great / part II

A second list of some of the great things in life: ( Here is the first version if you are interested! )

  1. Holidays
  2. The smell of a fresh book
  3. Swimming in the ocean
  4. Splurging on an item you have been eyeing for weeks
  5. Eating food that reminds you of your childhood
  6. Cozy socks
  7. Visiting friends
  8. Taking polaroids
  9. Glitter
  10. Snow = winer wonderland
  11. Diversity
  12. Finally receiving that package in the mail
  13. Pealing the plastic off something you just bought
  14. People laughing at your jokes
  15. Hearing a song come one right when you needed it
  16. When your plans get cancelled and you can sleep in
  17. A balcony with a great view
  18. Avocados! yes, just avocados
  19. Feeling accomplished at the end of the day
  20. Ice in beverages
  21. Birthday cake
  22. Tackling a new hobby
  23. The smell of your house after baking
  24. The moment when the lights go down at a concert
  25. Talking on Skype/Facetime with your friends
  26. Playing a musical instrument
  27. The smell of popcorn at the cinema
  28. The feeling of paint on canvas
  29. Streetfood
  30. Collecting sunglasses
  31. That moment when it’s raining and you pass under a bridge
  32. Putting on hand cream that smells amazing
  33. Finding  ‘your’ fragrance
  34. Fancy fruit sculptures
  35. Being able to eat pizza at any time of day
  36. Getting lost in new places and just exploring
  37. Pouring maple syrup on pancakes
  38. The sound of waterfalls
  39. Re-reading old diaries
  40. Waking up from a nap and actually feeling rested
  41. Free samples
  42. Sleeping with your pet
  43. When someone stops the elevator for you
  44. Wearing spring/summer clothes after a long winter
  45. Playing card games with your family
  46. Siting in the backseat in a car late at night
  47. When your favourite artist brings out more music
  48. Ice cream in the summer
  49. The sound of someone typing on a typewriter
  50. Making lists

I hope this made you smile! Thank you for reading, and again in case you want 100: here is part one! ) Have a lovely week everyone! xx

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