My Holiday Traditions

Merry Christmas!!! I really hope you are having a lovely day filled with family and friends! I celebrate christmas in Italy every year. Here are some of the special traditions that have been in my family for a very long time. Some of these are also common amongst other Italian families!

dinner-meal-table-wineFood: Let’s be honest now, what would Christmas day be, with out food? This is my personal favourite part of Christmas as I can treat myself to my grandma’s delicious food all day! During the year I never get to eat her food so this is one of the few days that I can splurge on it.  My family and I chat away while enjoying fresh food and special treats: every year we eat ‘panettone’ which is a seasonal dessert which can be found basically on every Christmas table in Italy. We spend around 4+ hours at the lunch/dinner table however crazy that may sound!

Family: For me Christmas time is a time for family! I live abroad, so I only see my relatives
christmas-xmas-santa-claus-advent.jpg few times a year, Christmas is the perfect opportunity to spend time with them! Every year when I arrive at my grandmas house to spend the holidays I am overwhelmed by love. I get constant comments of “Oh you have grown so much!” and “Come on eat some more food, you need it! “, “Do you like this new recipe I used”. On Christmas day we drive from my mother’s side relatives to my dad’s making sure we see everyone. It’s exhausting but I love it and I would have it no other way ahah!

Gifts: Nowadays I don’t focus on the presents as much as I did when I was little and would pexels-photo-190932impatiently wait for Santa Clause or “Babbo Natale” (as we call it in Italy). Now that I’m older we exchange presents on the morning of the 25th, however, it is very popular in Italy to wait until the clock strikes midnight on the 24th and when it becomes the 25th and exchange the gifts then. I try and wrap my presents in advance usually to some christmas movies ( my personal favourites include: Elf, The holiday, The Grinch and love actually).

La Befana: Part of my holiday tradition is also “la Befana” which isn’t necessarily related to Christmas as it comes on the 6th of January. It is very similar to Santa Claus but instead of an old man it’s and old woman. She travels on a broomstick to every house to deliver candy or ‘coal’. The children leave out their stockings and in the morning they find out if they received candy (they have been nice) or if they received ‘coal’ ( they have been naughty). I used to love this as a kid, now I usually buy myself some candy and call it a day!

There you have it! I truly hope you are having a great holiday season no matter what you celebrate! Have a fun day! I also wish you all the best for the coming year! Please let me know some of your holiday traditions or if maybe we share any! Thanks for reading lovelies! xx

12 thoughts on “My Holiday Traditions

  1. Hannah Grace 2001 says:

    These traditions are so cute! ❤ 🙂 One tradition of my family is that on Christmas Day, my sister, dad and I have a contest on the Nintendo Wii, playing lots of different games to see who will win! It's really fun, but a bit of a persona tradition!

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