50 ‘Little Things’ that Make Life Great

A short list of some of the great things in life:

  1. Getting into a bed with freshly washed sheets
  2. A warm cup of tea
  3. Getting a morning coffee when you can’t bare to keep your eyes open
  4. Thinking its Thursday but its actual Friday
  5. Sleeping in on weekends
  6. Good hair days
  7. Watching your breath on cold mornings
  8. Having a good laugh
  9. Re-reading a great book
  10. Traveling somewhere new
  11. Landing to your destination after a long flight
  12. Music on repeat
  13. Finding spare money in your pocket at the right moment
  14. Thinking you’re going to miss the bus/metro but making it just in time
  15. Compliments & unexpected compliments
  16. Sunsets
  17. Great hugs
  18. Journaling
  19. A person with manners & morals
  20. Singing in the car
  21. Deep breathing that manages to relaxes you
  22. Taking beautiful photos
  23. Baking chocolate chip cookies
  24. Drinking hot chocolate
  25. Trying on new clothes
  26. Finding the perfect foundation match
  27. Hot showers
  28. Falling asleep to the sound of rain drops
  29. Watching funny movies
  30. Walking on crunchy leaves during fall
  31. Roasting marshmallows
  32. Random acts of kindness
  33. Kittens
  34. Puppies
  35. Fresh flowers
  36. Starry nights
  37. Finding the perfect milk and cereal ratio
  38. Sand in between your toes
  39. Smell of rain
  40. Peanut butter ( as long as you aren’t allergic haha)
  41. Getting struck with a genius ideas
  42. Home-cooked meals
  43. Knowing all the words to a song
  44. Deep conversation
  45. Being surrounded by positive and creative people
  46. Entering a room full of beautiful plants
  47. Friendly strangers
  48. Receiving birthday cards
  49. Soft and cozy blankets
  50. Coming home after a long stressful day

Hopefully you enjoyed those! I hope you have a positive and happy week! Let me know if you can relate to anything!? Should I make a part 2!? thanks for reading!
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xx Β Chiara

35 thoughts on “50 ‘Little Things’ that Make Life Great

  1. StephJ says:

    I love this list! This made me smile as I was reading it, it is all about the simple things in life. We have so much in common as everything on your list I would put on my own in a heart beat πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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